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What do we stand for?

We provide a professional and proactive service.

We work closely with our valued clients to provide tailored and appropriate solutions for their individual financial situations. Liaising with other professional advisers, we assist our clients in managing the full range of our services, including personal taxes, sole-traders and Partnerships to Limited Companies, tax advice and tax planning as well as compliance.

We liaise openly and honestly. We want our clients to feel comfortable in picking up the phone to us whenever the need arises, for whatever they want, content in the knowledge that they will get sound, comprehensive advice. We will work with them in the manner that best suits them - in person, on the phone or online, even out of hours. We enjoy our work and gain deep satisfaction from doing a good professional job for our clients. We believe in ‘going the extra mile’ and always try to reassure our clients that they are getting value for money. We relate and respond to our client’s needs and know when to pull out all the stops to deal with the urgent matters that need to be treated with priority and special care.

About us

Lever Bros & Co is a small sized accountancy practice based in Isleworth. The firm was founded in 1920 by Henry Lever and then developed by his son Stuart Lever. Steeped in history, our longevity is testament to the sterling service which we provide to our clients. We hold to the maxim that the client is the lifeblood of the firm. Presently, with almost 100 years experience of growing businesses and offering advice we have significantly increased our client base by offering a high level of expertise and experience.

Today’s partners are Shakil Raja and Faizal Karbani Esq. The office is managed by Ramona Ionita, and they are supported by a team of dedicated and friendly staff. Our partners have vast experience in many areas of taxation, finance, accountancy and business advice over a wide range of businesses, from corporate clients and property investors, to individuals and smaller companies. We believe in maintaining a close and regular contact with our clients by guiding them through the accounts and financial aspects of their business in a straightforward manner. We have approximately 450 clients ranging from substantial privately owned companies to small sole traders, practitioners, farmers and family businesses. As a family business ourselves, we understand the special problems such companies have to face. Most of our clients have been with us a long time and we intend to keep it that way. We do not take them for granted as each year is different, each year is special and each year our clients must have value for money.